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Legendary Deeds is a chat role-playing venue on a mission - to provide one of the finest possible New World of Darkness role-playing experience on the web.

Beneath the world you know well is another world you've never seen. A darker colder world then the one you know. In the shadows of lies something more sinister. Lurking behind the dusty doors and hallways are things you could not ever think possible. While fairy tales and nightmares take on forums of all shapes and sizes.

So come join us, give the dice a roll. Let fate take hold and become another legend in the shadows of the World of Darkness...

...Or perhaps you are more suited to the Legends and Myths of the Gods throughout the ages. Up from the very heart of humanity rise their children to fight for them. The few chosen by their divine parents because they showed qualities and characteristic that deemed them worthy to begin their journey. Allow Fate to take you down a different path into the world of Scion to create your own legend and take on the title of a God.

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Hello Everyone!

So a few players came to me asking if they could donate and help out in any way with the site to help make improvements to make it better. So as a growing and happy community I was able to open up a paypal account that is strictly for the site. This is to pay for the annual dues and to possibly get awesome expansions along the way.

Click the link below and donate whatever amount you would like if you want.

Every little bit helps!

Happy Gaming!

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